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The General Assembly continued to race through legislation as the session is quickly coming to a close. The House spent a considerable amount of time debating execution methods for inmates on death row, while the Senate spent most of the week debating an open carry gun bill. There are several bills of interest that moved that will be discussed.

Revenue, Finance, and Economic Development

Property Tax Installment Payment Flexibility – H. 3482. This bill,... Read more


The U.S. Census Bureau has released the county population estimates from the past fiscal year, one of the two components that make up the millage rate increase limitation prescribed in §6-1-320(A)(1):
...a local governing body may increase the millage rate imposed for general operating purposes above the rate imposed for such purposes for the preceding tax year only to the extent of the increase in the average of the twelve monthly... Read more


The Senate passed the budget bill this week while the House continues to work to clear its calendar before the General Assembly adjourns on Thursday, May 13th. However, the House introduced a Sine Die Resolution this week (H. 4285). If the Sine Die Resolution is adopted by the Senate, the General Assembly will meet several times in the month of June to complete any unfinished work on the budget, take up conference reports, Governor vetoes, and a few other specified items. They will also likely meet in the fall to adopt redistricting plans.

As a reminder, county funding... Read more


In response to the growing threat landscape and complexity of the interdependent and networked business of counties, NACo is offering cyberattack simulation training. One of the highlights of the program is the practitioner-led, reality-based cyberattack simulation. Counties often lack fully tested incident response procedures and fully detailed operationalized playbooks ready for use to mitigate cyber threats and to adequately respond to attacks before they become a crisis. Nothing tests preparedness like reality and there is nothing better to plan for a crisis like a well-designed,... Read more


NACo held a membership call on April 21, 2021. The presentation slides shared during the call include the latest information on the US Treasury’s Guidance on the American Rescue Plan and steps counties need to take immediately to receive these federal funds once they become available.Read more