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U.S. Treasury just released its Compliance and Reporting Guidance for the American Rescue Plan Act - Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Fund (SLFRF). The new guidance provides additional detail for each recipient’s reporting responsibilities and outlines Treasury’s expectations and recommended best practices under the SLFRF program. This guidance should be read in concert with the Award Terms and Conditions, the authorizing statute, the... Read more


The budget conferees (Sens. Leatherman, Peeler, and Setzler; Reps. Murrell Smith, Bannister, and Hayes) met this week and reached a tentative agreement on the budget. Both chambers will meet on Monday, June 21st , in general session. There are several items that will require a super majority vote (3/5 vote) in the Senate to be included as a part of the final budget. Other items we have previously reported on may be adjusted depending on funding. We will highlight some of the provisions that appear to be to locked in and will provide a more in-depth report after the General Assembly adopts... Read more


U.S. Treasury has posted a number of FAQs on the broadband provision of the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds’ Interim Final Rule (IFR). This FAQ update provides answers to questions raised by a number of stakeholders, including county officials, on eligible areas for broadband infrastructure investment. The update clarifies that states and localities may invest in areas where not all households or businesses are unserved or underserved, as long as an objective of the... Read more


The S.C. Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office (RFA) has published an FAQ document that provides an overview of redistricting in South Carolina. Counties are encouraged to share this informational piece with their elected officials, staff, and citizens. RFA is available to assist counties with redistricting. You can learn more about the RFA’s redistricting process... Read more


ICMA recently published an article addressing actions local governments can take to avoid ransomware attacks. Find the article on the ICMA website.Read more