Debt Collection Services

SCAC Debt Collection Services

SCAC services are free to participating entities! Our job is to assist with your collections and to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Free Software: SCAC provides our county participants free debt collection software to manage the data. The software allows users to edit, add and delete accounts; generate reports; print letters; transmit data and more.

Unique Account Numbers: SCAC allows entities to include unique account numbers in the data file that can easily interface with debt and payment data. 

Flexibility in Managing Files: County participants have the option to prepare an ASCII or Excel file or use the SCAC software. SCAC will accept multiple files from different systems in different formats and compile all data in the proper format for S.C. Department of Revenue (SCDOR). 

Free Electronic Data Transfer: County participants can send and receive data via encrypted transfer software. The software meets very stringent HIPAA security and privacy requirements. This secure website can be accessed through the debt collection software or directly at

Free Electronic Banking: SCAC offers free electronic banking to our county participants to allow counties to receive payments more quickly.

Free Address Updates: SCAC provides our counties with free address updates from the SCDOR tax return system. SCAC compares addresses from tax returns to county data files and prepares reports showing any differences.

Letters/Labels: The SCAC debt software includes a letters/labels function to assist counties in generating notification letters and status letters. The software will populate account data into a letter template and allow participants to print all necessary letters and labels. 

Reports: The SCAC debt software allows counties to print a variety of reports to help manage data and answer questions. These reports include details for all accounts, summaries, history, match reports and more.

Free Data Find Services: SCAC has created a free three-tier process for assisting county entities with data. SCAC checks data in the historical setoff database. SCAC verifies data with the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles driver's license database. SCAC uses Accurint to assist counties with finding SSNs and verifying names.

Confirmations: SCAC sends confirmation information for every electronic file sent to us showing the number of accounts and dollar totals and any errors. This process helps minimize errors and gives our participants better management control of the data that is being processed.

Export Options: If using a different billing system in combination with the SCAC debt software, SCAC has included in the software the ability to create a file to import into your billing system. This will help eliminate the need for dual data entry into more than one system.

Technical and Legal Assistance: SCAC provides legal and technical assistance for the programs.