Conferences and Meetings

SCAC provides many opportunities for county officials to meet and learn, among these are:

Counties Connect: A Legislative Action Day

Held in late winter in Columbia, this conference enables all county officials to become better informed about the Association's legislative program. The event will include a legislative briefing from SCAC staff and an opportunity to meet with Representatives and Senators at the State House before the conference continues at the USC Alumni Center. The Association will host a reception for members of the S.C. General Assembly on Thursday evening. Institute classes including the Council Chairperson’s Workshop will be held at the USC Alumni Center the following day. 

Future Meeting Dates:

Annual Conference

Each year, SCAC's Annual Conference provides a dynamic educational experience with opportunities for one-on-one interaction, strategizing, small group discussions and large group learning. More than 600 county officials—representing South Carolina's 46 counties—gather to discuss challenges and opportunities, share best practices and attend training sessions that strengthen their capacity to lead and serve.

In addition to an energizing educational program, the meeting offers opportunities to learn more about SCAC's programs and services, and to network with exhibitors and colleagues. Many of the state's top county leaders are also honored with awards and training certificates.

Future Annual Conference/Institute of Government Dates

July 29 — August 1, 2024
August 4 — August 7, 2025

Fall Advocacy Meeting

Held in October, this meeting enables representatives of all 46 counties to take a leadership role in shaping the Association's legislative policy positions. The Fall Advocacy Meeting provides a time to review recommendations presented by SCAC's steering committees and learn more about critical issues facing county officials.

Future Meeting Dates:
October 19, 2023
October 18, 2023 - Institute of Government

S.C. Local Government Attorneys' Institute

Held in the fall, this is one of the largest seminars for public sector attorneys in the state. It is attended by attorneys from counties, municipalities and state agencies. The event remains a favorite CLE function—consistently providing a dynamic faculty and valuable opportunities for discussion and networking.

Future Meeting Date:
November 17, 2023

Legislative Conference

Held in December, this conference allows members of the Legislative Committee to discuss and adopt a legislative program for the coming year. The Committee is composed of each council chair along with the Association's Board of Directors.

Future Meeting Date:
November 30-December 1, 2023

Newly-Elected Council Member Orientation

Held after the November election in even-numbered years, this training is designed to provide insight into the roles and responsibilities of county officials and outline how the Association is a valuable resource to newly-elected council members.

Future Meeting Date:


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