Other Events of Interest

NACo Conference Schedule (see Events - Major Conferences)

SC Interagency Drone Users Consortium (SCiDUC) Open House

The South Carolina Interagency Drone Users Consortium (SCiDUC) is a nonprofit association exclusive to federal, state and local government employees in South Carolina. SCiDUC has over 160 members employed by more than 50 different government agencies. It is volunteer based and free to join. The organization is hosting a virtual OPEN HOUSE on October 21st at 10:00am with the goal of encouraging more local government agencies and personnel to become involved.

SCiDUC Benefits:

  • Exclusive to SC Government Employees
  • Network with Other State Drone Users
  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Committees to Support Specific Initiatives
  • Training and Support


For more information please visit us at www.sciduc.org or contact us at info@sciduc.org

Stormwater Training

American Stormwater Institute, LLC is offering stormwater training online with a live instructor via Zoom. The full class schedule is available on their website.

Free Training - Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals

Environmental health professionals are on the frontline of helping individuals, institutions, and communities reduce threats from mosquitoes, ticks, and other vectors. This training—Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals—emphasizes the use of integrated pest management to address public health pests and vectors that spread pathogens, including Zika virus and others. The training offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

The training includes 11 courses. Take all of them or pick and choose (the first three are required, then take courses in any order):

  1. Vector-Borne Diseases of Public Health Importance
  2. Integrated Pest Management Basics
  3. Performance Assessment and Improvement of Vector Control Services
  4. Tick Biology and Control
  5. Mosquito Biology and Control
  6. Toxicology of Pesticides
  7. Rodent Management
  8. Pests and Vectors in Food and Housing Environments
  9. Special Pest Management Considerations for Schools
  10. Risk Communication Basics
  11. Bed Bug Biology and Control

Visit the following website to register and to learn more about the training: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/ehs/elearn/vcehp.html.