Executive Director
Weight: -11
Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel
Weight: -10
Senior Director of Operations
Weight: -9
Staff Position
Tish F. Anderson Deputy Director of Administrative Services
Robert E. Benfield ARM, AINS Director of Risk Management Services
Kelly H. Benson, AIC Senior Claims Adjuster, SCCWCT
Sharon D. Berkowitz Program Coordinator
Amber L. Brazell Program Coordinator
Janet L. Cook Senior Claims Adjuster, SCCWCT
H. Warren Counts Jr., CPA Controller
Caroline Deevey CIC, AAI, CISR, CRIS, INS Insurance Trusts' Assistant Coordinator
John K. DeLoache Senior Staff Attorney
Jennifer M. Haworth Member Services Coordinator
Crystal D. Hayden-Jeffcoat Claims Adjuster II, SCCWCT
John D. Henderson ARM, ALCM Director of Insurance Services
Van Henson CPM Risk Manager
Chris W. Hinson Senior Adjuster, SCCP&LT
Dana T. Homesley Administrative Assistant
Kim P. Hudson Senior Claims Adjuster, SCCWCT
Lang C. Kelly, ARM, AIC Claims Manager, SCCWCT
Pearlena A. Khalif-Govan Administrative Assistant
Cindy J. King Accounting Manager, SCCWCT
N. Taylor Lee Administrative Specialist, SCCWCT
M. Kent Lesesne Director of Governmental Affairs
Robert J. Lyon CPM, CPPB IT/Procurement Director
Owen A. McBride Assistant Director of Governmental Affairs
Mark A. McKinney Claims Manager, SCCP&LT
Burdetta M. Miller Claims Adjuster, SCCWCT
W. Stuart Morgan III Public Information Director
Colleen D. Motley Senior Claims Adjuster, SCCWCT
Nilda A. Padgett Director of Administrative Services
Daina M. Riley Staff Attorney
Beth A. Segars Claims Adjuster, SCCWCT
Pam N. Selkinghaus ARM Insurance Trusts' Program Coordinator
Ann B. Shealy Recovery Specialist, SCCWCT
Leslie M. Simpson Staff Attorney
Alex W. Smith Staff Attorney
John J. Snelling Senior Claims Adjuster, SCCWCT
Rachael P. Stephenson Claims Supervisor, SCCWCT
Ryan C. Tooley Special Projects Coordinator
Susan B. Turkopuls Director of Research and Training
Rick K. Ucinski ARM Field Representative
John O. Wienges Jr. Governmental Affairs Liaison
Mary E. Williams Administrative Assistant