Insurance Trust Programs

SCAC-Sponsored Insurance Trusts

History of the Trusts

The S.C. Counties Workers' Compensation Trust (SCCWCT) was formed in 1984 with only 11 counties. Today membership consists of 41 of South Carolina's 46 counties and an additional 47 county-related entities. SCCWCT is approved as a self-insured trust by the S.C. Workers' Compensation Commission in accordance with South Carolina statutes. It provides statutory workers' compensation coverage for its members.

The S.C. Counties Property & Liability Trust (SCCP&LT) was formed in 1995 due largely to the success of the Workers' Compensation Trust. SCCP&LT started with only four members and now has 24 participants.

Why a Trust?

The Trusts were designed by and for South Carolina county government with the goal of providing insurance to counties at the lowest possible rates, while also offering dedicated services uniquely tailored to meet the needs of county government. The Trusts are run by the counties for the counties.

Boards of Trustees

The Boards of Trustees are made up of county officials who are elected by the Association of Counties' Board of Directors. Although not a requirement, both Boards currently share the same membership.


Unlike insurance purchased through traditional insurance companies, only counties and county government related agencies are eligible for Trust membership. Therefore, the Trusts consist of a homogenous group of risks with similar exposures. This allows the Trusts to minimize the "peaks and valleys" of pricing over the long term. Basically, the Trusts can provide long-term rate/premium stability unlike traditional insurance companies who mix counties in with other types of business. The Trusts understand that stability is important in the county's budget.


In order to provide member counties with the service and coverage they need, the two Trusts continue to evaluate and offer new programs and coverages.