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Acts that Affect Counties

Acts That Affect Counties is an annual report to the membership designed to provide a brief description of new laws passed during the most recent session of the SC General Assembly that affect county government operations.

Building Relationships with the General Assembly

This publication contains techniques intended to assist county officials in the pursuit of building relationships with members of the General Assembly.  County officials and employees may refer to this manual while proceeding with their efforts to speak with members of the General Assembly about topics of interest.

County COMPASS newsletter (formerly Carolina Counties newsletter)

The monthly newsletter reports on funding/grant opportunities, risk management and workers' compensation concerns, legislative items, and spotlights member county achievements. In 2024, banner advertising is an add on for Corporate Partners. See details about our Corporate Partner Program.  See 2024 production schedule and deadlines.

County Focus magazine

The quarterly  feature publication includes information about best practices, timely topics and spotlight articles on how county governments address challenges in today’s environment. Submitting article ideas for future issues of County Focus is always encouraged. Subscriptions are free with association membership. See 2024 production schedule and deadlines

County Profiles

Directory of County Officials

South Carolina's Directory of County Officials identifies all elected and appointed county officials in the state. This popular publication also identifies SCAC's Officers, Board of Directors, Past Presidents and corporate supporters; regional councils of government; federal and state officials; and members of the SC General Assembly. Addresses and telephone numbers are included for county officials, state officials and members of the General Assembly.

Fiscal Impact of Selected State Mandates on County GovernmentExecutive Summary

SCAC enlisted the assistance of Clemson University’s Strom Thurmond Institute of Government and Public Affairs, Francis Marion University and the University of South Carolina’s Institute for Public Service and Policy Research to undertake a study to determine the financial impact certain state mandates have on county governments in South Carolina. The goal of the study was to provide meaningful and valid information on the cost of these mandates to counties.

Freedom of Information Handbook for CountiesSupplement (updated 2023)

This publication is intended as a reference for research regarding the Freedom of Information Act. It is important to consult your county attorney when you have a question regarding the application of the law to a particular set of facts.

Friday Report

The Friday Report is prepared and distributed every Friday of the legislative session.

Guide to Land Use Planning

This publication is offered as a resource to county officials when trying to determine whether land use planning is a service their community wants or needs. It is also an attempt to aid those jurisdictions which have decided to engage in land use planning.

A Handbook for County Clerks to Council in South Carolina

A Handbook for County Government in South Carolina

A Handbook for County Government in South Carolina provides county officials with a single source to which they can refer for background information on particular topics. For newly-elected officials, this handbook is an excellent primer on the many areas and issues that comprise county government in this state.

Home Rule HandbookSupplement (updated 2023)

The Home Rule Handbook is intended to be a readily available reference for information on the law affecting county government structure and operations.

Jail Standards

Legislative Alerts

During the legislative session, county officials receive Legislative Alerts when immediate action is needed.

Legislative Policy Positions

Model Rules of Parliamentary ProcedureSample Parliamentary Procedure Ordinance

The purpose of the Model Rules of Parliamentary Procedure for South Carolina Counties is to provide a simplified and much shorter set of rules, based in part on Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, which can be adopted by county governing bodies, preferably by ordinance. The Model Rules were drafted with county council meetings in mind, but individual counties may want to require other county boards to use the Model Rules, as well.

Presidents' Report

The President's Report, which serves as the Association's annual report, showcases major highlights of the past year.

Regulations Updates

SCAC's staff researches and compiles updates of proposed regulations and case opinions from the appellate courts that potentially affect county government operations.

Revenue Resources for County GovernmentSupplement (updated 2023)

Revenue Resources for County Government is a compilation of statutes that relate to the revenue-raising authority of the counties, other than the property tax and other mechanisms granted in the Home Rule Act, Chapter 9 of Title 4 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.

South Carolina Property Tax Rates by County

The annual South Carolina Property Tax Rates by County report details millage rates for every jurisdiction that levies property taxes in the state.

SCAC Celebrates Serving for 50 Years (video)

State Mandates and Funding Floors

Technical Bulletins

Tips for Effective Advocacy

Wage and Salary Report (updated 2024)

The Wage and Salary Report provides detailed wage and salary information by county and position. Wage data is provided for each of the 203 job descriptions and includes the number of hours worked per week, the number of employees in the position, the pay range, the midpoint of the range or actual salary, and the percent spread of the salary range. For the purpose of presenting the wage and salary data, the counties are divided into five population groups.