County officials and employees may find the following resources helpful when searching for grant funding and low-interest loans. Any specific questions concerning these resources should be directed to the specific agency. 

Opportunity Zone Grant Fund

The South Carolina Department of Commerce has established The Opportunity Zone Grant Fund under which South Carolina governmental entities (counties and/or municipalities) may request funding to offset the costs of obtaining an outside vendor to assist in the structuring of a competitive Opportunity Zone Prospectus. The program also allows the third party vendor to assist the governmental entity in determining the best project to pursue.

Should any South Carolina governmental entity have an interest in applying for funding assistance, they must complete the application in full and attach a copy of the proposal from the vendor that the entity would like to employ. It is the responsibility of the applicant to follow their individual procurement process.

More information about the Opportunity Zones and application for the Opportunity Zone Grant Fund may be found at

SCDOR Shares Opportunity Zone Conference Information

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Jennifer Fletcher represented South Carolina at the White House Opportunity Zones Conference.

S.C. Department of Revenue is sharing conference information, including fact sheets, guidance remarks, videos and additional resources. This information will be accessible later this week on the South Carolina Opportunity Zones website.

Opportunity Zones Conference Information

  • Opportunity Zones Fact Sheet
    • Encouraging Investment: Opportunity Zones will spur private-sector investment to revitalize hurting communities and unleash their economic potential
    • Lifting Up Communities: Opportunity Zones help drive economic growth and lift up communities that have been left behind
    • Creating Opportunity For All: President Donald J. Trump is encouraging investment to create opportunity in distressed communities
  • Geographic Inequality Fact Sheet — President Donald J. Trump is Addressing Geographic Inequality by Promoting Investment in Opportunity Zones
  • White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council (WHORC) Implementation Plan (press release)
    • Economic Development: Leverage Federal grants and loans in a more integrated way to develop dilapidated properties and provide basic infrastructure and financial tools to attract private investment
    • Entrepreneurship: Leverage government lending and grants to stimulate access to private capital and promote programs that assist entrepreneurs
    • Safe Neighborhoods: Combat drug addiction and the opioid crisis, reduce crime, enhance public safety, and address environmental contamination obstacles to development
    • Education and Workforce Development: Improve the efficacy of K-12 and community college career and technical education and workforce development programs to better prepare workers in distressed communities for jobs
    • Measurement: Develop robust reporting and analytics to measure the impact of Opportunity Zones

Information from Federal Agencies

  • U.S. Department of Treasury Press Release — Treasury Issues Second Set of Highly Anticipated Opportunity Zones Guidance
  • U.S. Department of Treasury Guidance
  • WHORC Completed Action — List of programs where the Council is bringing more resources to Opportunity Zones
  • HUD Request for Information — U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Announces Request For Information on Maximizing the Positive Impact of Opportunity Zones
  • Powering the American Dream — Learn more about leveraging federal resources for Opportunity Zones from the U.S. Small Business Administration at This includes information on funding, federal contracting opportunities and other local assistance for small businesses looking to start and grow in your community.

Video — Watch the Conference Again

Archive Video — Watch the full plenary session from Wednesday's conference (2 hours, 6 minutes)

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