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On April 16, the U.S. Department of Transportation amended the notice of funding for over $1 billion for which counties are directly eligible to apply through the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) competitive grant program.

  • About SS4A grants: SS4A grants allow counties to carry out transportation safety planning and demonstration projects or construction projects on the 45 percent of roads and 38
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Of the $53 billion in national opioid settlements finalized to date, more than one third (38 percent) will be distributed directly to county governments. To help counties maximize the impact of this unique funding source, NACo is summarizing the evidence behind a subset of eligible expenditures that are high impact and often under county authority.

The latest strategy brief topics include:

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With the General Assembly set to adjourn sine die next Thursday, both chambers held what will likely be the last set of subcommittee and committee meetings of the 2024 session. The Senate also debated a bill to prohibit gender transition procedures for minors (H. 4624). In an attempt to force the Senate to take up the House Ten-Year Energy Transformation Act bill (H... Read more


The Senate debated and gave second and third readings to the FY 24-25 Appropriations Act (H. 5100) and Capital Reserve Fund (... Read more


The Senate spent most of the week in chamber working its way through the calendar in preparation of the full Senate debate on the budget bill (H. 5100) and Capital... Read more