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The U.S. Census Bureau has released the county population estimates from the past fiscal year, one of the two components that make up the millage rate increase limitation prescribed in §6-1-320(A)(1):
...a local governing body may increase the millage rate imposed for general operating purposes above the rate imposed for such purposes for the preceding tax year only to the extent of the increase in the average of the twelve monthly consumer... Read more


Grants from the National Trust Preservation Funds are intended to encourage preservation at the local level by providing seed money for preservation projects. These grants help stimulate public discussion, enable local groups to gain the technical expertise needed for particular projects, introduce the public to preservation concepts and techniques, and encourage financial participation by the private sector. For more information about the grants and the application process Read more


The House of Representatives was on furlough last week and did not meet in regular session. The Senate met Wednesday and Thursday to debate the budget so this update will focus solely on that. SCAC will resume issuing the Friday Report this week.

State Budget and Capital Reserve Fund — H. 4000 & H. 4001

The full Senate debated the budget and approved $9,511,285... Read more


The newest issue of Carolina Counties is now available online. Read the latest news from SCAC.Read more


The Senate and House worked furiously this week to pass bills before the crossover date of Wednesday, April 10th. Bills that do not make the crossover date will probably not be taken up until next year. The House is on furlough next week. The Senate will meet in perfunctory session on Tuesday and begin debate on the budget on Wednesday.

State Budget

The full Senate will begin debating the budget on the floor on Wednesday. The Senate Finance Committee allocated $9,511,285 in additional funding to the LGF. The House-passed version of the budget included $11.1 million in

... Read more