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The House passed the budget on Wednesday and did not meet on Thursday. They will be on furlough until the week of March 23rd. The Senate spent the week working through the calendar while on the floor and debating Santee Cooper in the Senate Finance Committee before reporting their findings to the Senate floor. The Finance Committee voted unanimously to reject the three options (sale, management, or restructuring). The Finance subcommittee tasked with renegotiating the three options met this week but has not made a recommendation. Meanwhile, the House bill (... Read more


Things finally began to move in the General Assembly this week as the Senate ended debate on the education reform bill (S. 419) and sent it to the House. In the ongoing debate in both the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Ad Hoc Committee regarding Santee Cooper, the House Ways and Means Ad Hoc Committee voted unanimously to reject the three options presented (sale, management, or restructuring). The House then introduced a bill (... Read more


There was not a lot of legislative activity as the General Assembly continues to be bogged down with the education reform bill (S. 419) and Santee Cooper. One hundred of the more than 200 amendments to S. 419 were withdrawn. Hopefully since cloture has been invoked on the bill and no more amendments can be added, this will allow the Senate to finish up the bill soon. The House Ways and Means Ad Hoc Committee and the Senate Finance Committee both heard testimony on Santee Cooper. The... Read more

Sens. Thomas Alexander and Mia McLeod and Reps. Bruce Bannister and Marvin Pendarvis discuss legislation at the SCAC Mid-year Conference.
SCAC President and Clarendon County Council Chairman Dwight Stewart and Clarendon County Administrator David Epperson meet with
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S.C. Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office Executive Director Frank A. Rainwater and Assistant Political Cartographer Victor Frontroth discussed working with the Census Bureau on the 2020 Census Redistricting Program and its implications for counties.

Redistricting 101

S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce Executive Director Dan Ellzey covered employment numbers and SCDEW initiatives throughout the state to continue to provide... Read more