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The 2024 session of the South Carolina General Assembly last week reached crossover,  the deadline for when bills must pass from one chamber to the other to stay alive in the process. This offers an opportunity to update you on the status of SCAC’s advocacy work on policy positions this far.

The state budget passed the House and Senate Finance Committee and included increased funding to the Local Government Fund (LGF) by more than $13.8 million statewide, representing full funding to the LGF under statutory formula.

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From left Sumter County Coroner Robert Baker,
SCAC Director of Governmental Affairs Kent Lesesne
and Charleston County Coroner Bobbi Jo O'Neal
attended the Senate Judiciary Committee
to support H. 3865 on coroner qualifications.

The Senate Finance Committee adopted its version of the budget bill (... Read more


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) team recently shared the below message regarding changes to take effect July 1 and specifics on the new South Carolina Department of Environmental Services (SCDES).

Under state law, DHEC is becoming two separate agencies on July 1, 2024. The two new agencies will be the SCDES and South Carolina Department of Public Health (DPH).

 As SCDES, we will be able to offer better delivery and improved services to our customers.

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The Senate spent most of this week on the floor working through its calendar in preparation for the Thursday, April 11 crossover deadline. This deadline requires any bill that has not crossed over to the other chamber to receive a two-thirds vote to be considered. The House was on furlough this week and the Senate will be in perfunctory session next week. However, the Senate Finance Committee will begin deliberating the budget bill (... Read more


Both chambers worked through their respective calendars in advance of the April 11 crossover deadline. Bills that have not crossed over from their originating chamber will require a two-thirds vote after the deadline to be considered by the other chamber. In advance of furlough next week, the House passed one of its priority pieces of legislation — a comprehensive 10-year energy bill (H. 5118) — and sent it to the Senate. A Senate Finance subcommittee took testimony from SCAC staff and... Read more