Friday Report - June 17, 2022

The General Assembly returned this week pursuant to the sine die resolution (S. 1325) to vote on bills that went to conference committees. Several conference committees reached agreements and presented their conference reports to their respective chambers for approval or rejection. Among those conference reports was the user fee bill language that was attached to a property tax exemption bill, S. 233. S.

Friday Report - May 13, 2022

The General Assembly wrapped up its final week with a flurry of legislation. A Sine Die resolution allows them to come back in June to complete specific pieces of legislation. Through much debate and maneuvering, the provisions of the user fee bill S. 984 will continue to be debated during the sine die period. The House of Representatives also saw additional changes in leadership roles this week. Rep. Murrell Smith assumed his position as Speaker of the House. Rep.

Friday Report - May 6, 2022

Next week is the final week of the session. In the scramble to get legislation passed, many bills close to passage have been amended with provisions of other bills. A sine die resolution outlining bills and matters that can be taken up after 5:00 pm next Thursday has not been introduced. If a sine die resolution is not introduced and passed, all bills not enrolled for ratification by 5:00 pm next Thursday are dead and will have to be refiled for the 2023 legislative session. The user fee bill S. 984 is now on the House contested calendar.

Friday Report - April 29, 2022

With three weeks left in the session, the General Assembly is working furiously to get several pieces of legislation passed. The House debated several bills including H. 4568, a bill dealing with chemically induced abortions, while the Senate spent the week working on the budget. S.

Friday Report - April 22, 2022

The House spent most of its time this week debating an education bill, while the Senate debated an elections bill. The Senate is scheduled to take up the budget on Tuesday.

Friday Report - April 15, 2022

The House was on furlough this week and the Senate was in session on Tuesday only and operated in a perfunctory session for the remainder of the week. The Senate moved bills, including the budget, along in committee and placed an elections bill (H. 4919) in special order status to be taken up next week.

Friday Report - April 8, 2022

Both the House and Senate spent most of the week on the floor debating bills in advance of today’s crossover deadline. Any bill that did not pass out of its originating chamber is likely dead for the year.

Friday Report - April 1, 2022

The House worked in committees and on the floor to advance bills before next week’s crossover deadline (the last day a bill can move from one chamber to the other). The Senate spent most of its time on the floor debating and passing a school choice bill before moving through the calendar on Thursday.

Friday Report - March 25, 2022

This session of the General Assembly is getting closer to winding down. With only a couple of weeks left before crossover (bills moving from one chamber to the other), time is running out to get legislation passed.

Friday Report - March 18, 2022

The House expeditiously debated the budget on the floor Monday. The bill received a second reading Monday evening and a third reading Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, the Senate continued hearing budget requests from state agencies in subcommittees and began debate on several bills on the floor.