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Tort Claims Act Changes — S. 7 & S. 386

S. 7 raises the existing caps on damages found in the Tort Claims Act from $300,000 to $1 million per individual, from $600,000 to $2 million per occurrence, and indexes both increases to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). If this bill were to pass, it would codify a 333 percent increase in the existing caps. The current fiscal impact... Read more


The South Carolina Department of Commerce has established The Opportunity Zone Grant Fund under which South Carolina governmental entities (counties and/or municipalities) may request funding to offset the costs of obtaining an outside vendor to assist in the structuring of a competitive Opportunity Zone Prospectus. The program also allows the third party vendor to assist the governmental entity in determining the best project to pursue.

Should any South Carolina governmental entity have an interest in applying for funding assistance, they must complete the ... Read more


The S.C. Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office (RFA) has issued the inflation component of the millage rate increase limitations for FY 2019-20. Read RFA's memo. Each county's millage rate increase limit will be based on 2.44 percent, plus any increase in population. RFA will publish the millage rate increase limitations once the Census Bureau releases the 2018 county population estimates by late March.Read more


It was a very productive week in the General Assembly as both the Senate and House advanced several bills on their calendars. Action was taken on several bills that reflect SCAC policy positions, which will be discussed below.

Local Government Fund (LGF) and the State Budget

Local Government Fund - H. 3137. H. 3137 encompasses SCAC's policy position regarding the LGF. The bill received several additional sponsors this week (Reps. Murphy, Chellis, Kimmons... Read more


The General Assembly wrapped up its third week of session this week. The House and Senate continued to spend the bulk of their time meeting in subcommittee and committee to be able to advance legislation to the floor. The Governor also gave his State of the State address to a joint session of the General Assembly Wednesday evening.

Tort Claims Act Damages Increase - S. 7

The Senate Judiciary Committee met on Tuesday to consider S. 7, which raises the existing caps on... Read more