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County governments are instrumental partners in our nation’s intergovernmental system, which balances, divides and shares power and responsibilities between all levels of government. Counties are uniquely positioned to implement and administer vital intergovernmental systems, facilitate cooperation of all levels of government, and deliver results and impact for our residents and businesses at the community level.

NACo's report provides an overview of the county landscape and illustrates the essential role counties play in fostering safe, vibrant and healthy communities across the... Read more


Every year, county councils across South Carolina appoint hundreds of citizens to voluntarily serve on a variety of county appeals boards. These boards hear citizens’ appeals from the decisions related to property tax  assessments, variances from zoning requirements, and land development activities. Each plays an important role in ensuring that county ordinances or regulations are applied evenly and fairly. Read SCAC Senior Staff Attorney John K. DeLoache's article on... Read more