CISA Announces State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructures Security Agency (CISA) works hand-in-hand with partners in state, local, and territorial governments who face unique cybersecurity challenges but often lack the resources to address them.

The State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program will play a critical role in helping these organizations build their capability and capacity. This new program benefits communities by addressing the unique challenges state, tribal and territorial governments face when defending against cyber threats.

This program is the latest example of a unified approach across the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in which CISA brings its capabilities to a FEMA-administered program to accomplish the Department’s goal of increasing state and local cyber defenses.

CISA encourages all eligible entities to apply for grant funds to protect critical infrastructure and communities from malicious cyber activity and to grow their partnership with CISA. CISA provides the expertise, tools, and technical assistance to be a reliable partner to state, local, and territorial governments in combatting the growing cyber threats they face each day.

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