2022 Immigration Compliance Report (ICR)

Budget Proviso 117.134 requires SLED to certify that all counties are compliant with two code sections relating to immigration. To meet that certification, SLED requires each county to complete two forms, which are linked along with a letter from SLED summarizing this requirement. The first form can be completed by the Chief Administrative Officer of the county and the second can be completed by the Chief Administrative Officer or the Sheriff, depending on who is in charge of the local detention facility. If SLED does not receive these forms by December 30, then the State Treasurer is instructed to withhold the county’s Local Government Funds until the forms are received. Please complete the forms and return them to SLED electronically or by mail to the addresses listed below and in the attachment. Please also inform SCAC when this is done so we can coordinate with SLED to ensure there is no disruption in receiving your county’s Local Government Funding. Please contact Kent Lesesne at klesesne@scac.sc or by calling (800) 922-6081 if you have any questions.

Please return the forms electronically to immigrationcompliance@sled.sc.gov.

Or by mail to:
SLED Office of General Counsel
Attn: Immigration Compliance
PO Box 21398
Columbia, SC 29221-21398