Trust Services

Trust Services

Claims Management Services

Claims administration for the S.C. Counties Workers' Compensation Trust (SCCWCT) is provided in-house by SCAC staff with oversight by the Trust's Director of Insurance Services. The SCCWCT works to provide workers' compensation and claims services to 42 of South Carolina's 46 counties.

Workers' Compensation Claims Manager
Lang Kelly, ARM, AIC

Workers' Compensation Claims Supervisor
Rachael Stephenson

Claims services for the S.C. Counties Property & Liability Trust are administered in-house by SCAC staff. Our goal is to process fair and equitable claim settlements and payments as quickly and efficiently as possible, while keeping you informed. Detailed loss reports are made available to members on a monthly basis.

Property and Liability Insurance Claims Manager
Mark A. McKinney

Senior Property and Liability Adjuster
Chris W. Hinson

Director of Insurance Services
John D. Henderson, ARM, ALCM

Marketing and Administration Services

New member marketing and various other administrative services are provided to Trust members by SCAC staff. Various services include, but are not limited to: cost allocations, Certificates of Insurance, renewal processing and coverage questions.

Trusts' Program Coordinator
Pam S. Selkinghaus, ARM

Trusts' Program Assistant Coordinator
Caroline Deevey, CIC, AAI,CISR,CRIS, INS


Reinsurance protects the financial stability of the Trusts from adverse claims experience. To ensure this stability, the Trusts have strong reinsurance to guard against unfavorable loss experience. The financial protection of members from catastrophic losses receives top priority.


Although the Trusts already offer competitive coverages, we consider coverage an on-going project, and we are always exploring ideas on coverage enhancements and other improvements that can better serve South Carolina's counties.

Risk Management Services

SCAC has two full-time risk managers with extensive experience working with South Carolina counties. These risk managers ensure that Trust members receive the very best services possible to help all members reduce their total cost of risk.

The Boards of Directors of both Trusts believe very strongly in the benefits of aggressive risk management and actively encourage all members to develop and improve their risk management programs. The costs of property, liability and workers' compensation claims are simply too high for local governments to operate without sound risk management programs.

Director of Risk Management Services
Robert E. Benfield, ARM, AINS

Risk Manager
Van Henson, CPM