Senate Bills - February 3, 2023

S. 462 (Senator Fanning) — Amends Section 9-11-10, relating to the Police Officers Retirement System definitions, to add the Catawba Indian Nation to the definition of "employer".

S. 473 (Senator Senn) — Adds Section 40-5-235 to provide that lawyers licensed for more than 40 years who are found to have no working knowledge of the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of South Carolina must take and pass the uniform bar examination.

S. 482 (Senators Peeler, Reichenbach, Verdin, Turner, Bennett and Rice) — Amends Section 2-19-90, relating to the approval of the General Assembly in joint session, to provide that a candidate must receive a majority vote of the members of the House and the members of the Senate.

S. 486 (Senator Goldfinch) — Adds Section 1-7-95 to provide that when the attorney general does not undertake representation of state agencies, the attorney general cannot be considered to have possession, custody, or control over state agency documents or electronically stored information.