Sumter County's Commitment to Employee Safety Earns Outstanding Safety Achievement Award

Sumter County received an Outstanding Safety Achievement Award from the SC Counties Insurance Trusts for its use of a mobile app that helps county employees quickly notify first responders in case of emergencies.

“This is a great example of Sumter County’s commitment to improving the safety and security of its employees and citizens,” said Robert Benfield, director of Insurance Services for the South Carolina Association of Counties (SCAC). “Our annual Safety Awards spotlight those projects and dedicated county employees who often work behind the scenes to mitigate potential losses and minimize the impact of unforeseen events, and we are pleased to spotlight Sumter County for its leadership and dedication.” 

Sumter County recently implemented the Rave Panic app, which allows county employees to activate a “panic button” via their mobile phone or computer in the event of an emergency. The application notifies emergency services and law enforcement to send proper authorities to the scene and informs other county employees of the situation.

The Rave Panic app has been added to county computers, and employees were given the opportunity to download the app to their mobile devices at no personal expense. The app can also be used to send notifications to county employees for other emergency scenarios or if county offices were to close unexpectedly.

Benfield presented the award to Sumter County Council during its March 12 meeting.

SCAC this year honored 14 counties for innovative programs and protocols used to keep county residents and employees safe.

“These initiatives are often unseen and unsung, so we’re excited to shine a light on the important work being done in our counties,” Benfield said.

Each year the SC Counties Insurance Trusts recognize counties who have made significant achievements in their risk management and safety programs. Awards are announced at the annual Insurance Trusts meeting in the winter, and SC Association of Counties representatives travel to present the awards to county councils statewide throughout the spring. See the full list of 2024 award winners