Senate Finance Committee approves funding for SCDHEC COVID-19 response

The Senate Finance Committee approved funding for SCDHEC to assist in the agency's response to COVID-19 and passed an amendment to house the fund in the Executive Budget Office to provide flexibility for future funding. 

  • Staffing ($14,598,760): DHEC needs additional staffing to support COVID-19 disease surveillance and contact investigation, laboratory testing, and information phone lines.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ($14,806,800): PPE for DHEC's healthcare workers to prevent spread of infection.
  • Staff Support ($5,282,420): Operating costs such as technology, lab supplies and reagents, travel, and facility cleaning.
  • Education Campaign ($2,500,000): Support for TV/Radio airtime and printed materials. 
  • Quarantine ($1,703,580): Cost to quarantine and support indigent patients.
  • Transportation ($1,394,958): Cost to courier lab samples and distribution of items from the Strategic National Stockpile.
  • Contingency ($5,000,000): We have built in about 10% for unanticipated costs or changing assumptions based on disease spread.