SCRFA Posts Census Data as Adopted by State

The South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs office (RFA) posted the Federal Decennial Census Data as adopted by the State on its website on August 18, 2021. This data is necessary for each county to complete its redistricting process as required by the South Carolina Code of Laws. Specifically, section 4-9-90, SC Code of Laws, provides that all county council districts must be reapportioned as to population by the county council within a reasonable time prior to the next scheduled general election which follows the adoption by the state of each Federal Decennial Census. The population variance between defined election districts shall not exceed ten percent.

The next scheduled general election before which each county needs to complete this process will occur on November 8, 2022. SCAC recommends that you consult with your county attorney to begin this process if you have not already done so.

The RFA has published resources that may be helpful to you, your council members, and citizens. You can access this information on SCAC’s website. Please reach out to SCAC or Victor Frontroth with the RFA if you have any questions about this process. Mr. Frontroth can be reached at (803) 734-0969 or