SCAC Partners with SC Women in Leadership on Web-Based Platform for Managing Boards

SCAC is partnering with South Carolina Women in Leadership on MatchBoard, a new web-based platform through which local governments can manage their boards and commissions. This dynamic application will digitize and streamline your boards and commissions management allowing you to post information about boards, recruit diverse qualified applicants, review applications, communicate directly with citizens, and more. MatchBoard is launching November 1st and will be free for a year for the first 30 counties and municipalities to sign up. Learn more and sign up today at MatchBoard.Tech.

“I think MatchBoard will be a great tool for Orangeburg when trying to recruit qualified applicants for our boards and commissions. It will let citizens know that the appointment process is impartial and not political.”
- Johnny Wright, Orangeburg County Council Chairman

“Beaufort County currently has 29 Agencies, Boards, and Commissions consisting of 211 members. The clerk's office has the daunting task of keeping up with applications, appointments, reappointments, resignations, rosters, meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes while also serving the needs of the 11-member county council. I am incredibly excited to move away from the antiquated excel spreadsheet tracking method and into MatchBoard, a program that will streamline the clerk's operations and better serve our agencies, boards, and commissions, while saving us time and creating consistency expected in 2021.”
- Sarah Brock, Beaufort County Clerk to Council