SC RIA Grants for Enhancing Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Infrastructure

The S.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) has approved grant assistance for 26 communities, totaling more than $12 million, to strengthen water, sewer and storm water infrastructure. This brings the number of projects awarded to 54 in Fiscal Year 2019, totaling $25.7 million.

Whether it's upgrading aged water or sewer lines, rehabilitating elevated storage tanks, improving a downtown's drainage infrastructure or extending water and sewer lines to industrial parks in an effort to attract new industry, these grant awards will have a significant impact on the 58,102 residents and businesses that they serve.

RIA grants are awarded twice a year through a competitive process that considers the need for improved public health, environmental protection, community sustainability and economic development. Applications are selected by the RIA board based on criteria, including: severity of the problem, expected impact and project feasibility. Recipients share in the cost of projects by paying for non-construction activities and, often times, providing additional funds for construction.

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