Reminder: SC250 Grant Deadline for First Quarter FY 2022-2023 is Sept. 16 at 3 PM

It is the goal of the SC250 Commission that each county and community takes up the quest to rediscover their unique American Revolution historical significance. In addition, the Commission also wants to intentionally seek out and give voice to previously disenfranchised groups; discovering the stories of SC’s African Americans, Native Americans, women and children who were essential to the birthing of a new nation.

SC250 Commission would like to allocate to as many communities around the state as possible so please call 803-898-3392 or email to discuss your project before you apply to make sure you have everything you need in your application.

All quarterly deadlines are not postmarked dates as all applications must be submitted in the Discover SC Web Grants program. All times are Eastern. All dates are subject to change and available funding.

Q1: 9/16/22 at 3:00 PM
Q2: 11/9/22 at 3:00 PM
Q3: 2/9/23 at 3:00 PM
Q4: 5/9/23 at 3:00 PM

Visit SC250 Grants page for more information.