GetConnectedSC Campaign to Expand Broadband Access

GetConnectedSC, a high-speed internet access and adoption campaign to transform how South Carolinians engage with the online world, was recently announced.

The initiative is designed to identify the areas of greatest need in our state, invest in broadband infrastructure to those areas and provide support services to make that transformation possible for every home, business and community organization in South Carolina.

In addition to a new website,, the campaign includes a 26-community listening tour and a Better-Internet Survey. The survey is designed to capture the barriers to internet adoption in unserved, underserved, and underrepresented communities statewide.  Information gathered will shape a Five-Year Broadband Plan for the state.

Please take the survey online.

Encourage your county’s residents to complete the survey.

Download and use this flyer with a QR code to encourage residents to complete the survey, which takes less than five minutes. Or use the GetConnectedSC Toolkit to encourage residents to complete the survey.