Friday Report - June 27, 2024

It's a special edition of the Friday Report! The House and Senate met this week to discuss the budget and other bills, including:

  • Income tax deductions for firefighters
  • Tax credits for businesses
  • Property tax exemptions for low-income housing properties

Find a detailed breakdown of the approved state budget and info on other bills important to counties in the final Friday Report of 2024.

Friday Report - May 10, 2024

In the final week of the General Assembly’s session, both chambers scrambled to clear their calendars to get desired bills across the finish line.

Friday Report - May 3, 2024

With the General Assembly set to adjourn sine die next Thursday, both chambers held what will likely be the last set of subcommittee and committee meetings of the 2024 session. The Senate also debated a bill to prohibit gender transition procedures for minors (H.

Friday Report - April 26, 2024

The Senate debated and gave second and third readings to the FY 24-25 Appropriations Act (H.

Friday Report - April 19, 2024

The Senate spent most of the week in chamber working its way through the calendar in preparation of the full Senate debate on the budget bill (H.

Friday Report - April 12, 2024

From left Sumter County Coroner Robert Baker,
SCAC Director of Governmental Affairs Kent Lesesne
and Charleston County Coroner Bobbi Jo O'Neal
attended the Senate Judiciary Committee

Friday Report - April 5, 2024

The Senate spent most of this week on the floor working through its calendar in preparation for the Thursday, April 11 crossover deadline. This deadline requires any bill that has not crossed over to the other chamber to receive a two-thirds vote to be considered. The House was on furlough this week and the Senate will be in perfunctory session next week.

Friday Report - March 29, 2024

Both chambers worked through their respective calendars in advance of the April 11 crossover deadline. Bills that have not crossed over from their originating chamber will require a two-thirds vote after the deadline to be considered by the other chamber. In advance of furlough next week, the House passed one of its priority pieces of legislation — a comprehensive 10-year energy bill (H. 5118) — and sent it to the Senate.

Friday Report - March 22, 2024

SCAC Director of Governmental Affairs
Kent Lesesne testifies before the
Senate Corrections and Penology Committee.

It was a productive week at the State House.

The House debated and passed H. 5164 to revise the Education Scholarship Trust Fund Program enacted in 2023.

The Senate finished debate and gave third reading to the Judicial Merit Selection Reform bill, S. 1046.

Friday Report - March 15, 2024

The House this week passed the 2024-25 state budget including an increase to the Local Government Fund. A Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee took up S. 763, a bill that would alleviate the financial burdens placed on counties in the disposal of waste tires. The subcommittee carried the bill over due to last minute concerns from manufacturers. 

Please contact members of the Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee to express your support of passing the bill.