House Bills - January 20, 2023

H. 3725 (Reps. Bustos and Taylor) — Adds Section 23-1-260 to provide illegal immigrants entering this state must obtain a criminal background check at their expense when requested by law enforcement agencies.

H. 3726 (Reps. G. M. Smith, West, Ballentine, Davis, Hager, Hewitt, Kirby, Long, B. Newton, Ott, M. M. Smith, Stavrinakis and Tedder) — Enacts the "Statewide Education and Workforce Development Act."

H. 3727 (Rep. White) — Adds Section 1-1-671 to provide for the design, color, and other elements of the South Carolina state flag.

H. 3734 (Rep. B. Newton) — Amends Section 5-15-10, relating to the conduct of municipal primary, general, and special elections, to require that all such municipal elections be conducted using the voting system approved.

H. 3735 (Reps. McCravy, Gibson and Gilliam) — Allows governing authorities of public and private schools to maintain a supply of opioid antidotes to be administered by trained employees in an emergency.

H. 3736 (Reps. Sandifer, Calhoon, Connell, Gatch, Hager, Herbkersman and Mitchell) — Requires the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services to develop a public information campaign to raise awareness about the importance of calling for emergency medical assistance when a person experiences an opioid overdose.

H. 3737 (Reps. Ligon, Haddon, B. Newton, Neese, O'Neal, Pope, Felder, Guffey, West, Hyde, Henegan, Williams, Atkinson, Herbkersman, Weeks and Wheeler) — Enacts the "Short Line Railroad Modernization Act."

H. 3738 (Reps. Rutherford, Cobb-Hunter and Dillard) — Enacts the "Uniform Antidiscrimination Act."

H. 3744 (Reps. Ligon and B. Newton) – Provides that the Catawba Indian Nation can apply to become an employer under the Police Officers Retirement System.

H. 3746 (Reps. Sandifer and Hardee) – Establishes grant criteria, that matching grant funds may be available to local governments, and a nonmatching grant formula for the South Carolina Hurricane Damage Mitigation Program.

H. 3748 (Reps. Sandifer and Hardee) – Clarifies that Section 16-11-680 prohibits moving, altering, destroying, or removing geodetic control monuments or certain land surveying monuments.

H. 3749 (Reps. Murphy, Rutherford, Bannister, Ott, Herbkersman, B. Newton, M. M. Smith, Brewer, Gatch, Bernstein and W. Newton) – Adds Chapter 23 to Title 52 entitled "Interactive Wagering" to provide that certain sports wagering is lawful.

H. 3750 (Rep. Erickson) – Adds planning for repairs to bridges, highways, roads, and other improvements on the state's rights of way to the list of exemptions from the State Procurement Code.