House Bills - February 3, 2023

H. 3842 (Reps. Tedder, Collins, Gatch and Herbkersman) — Proposes an amendment to Section 1, Article VIII-A of the Constitution of South Carolina, relating to the powers of the General Assembly pertaining to alcoholic liquors and beverages, to delete the provisions that prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.

H. 3844 (Reps. Pendarvis, J. Moore, Howard, Gilliard, Wetmore, Jefferson, Bustos, Dillard and W. Jones) — Adds Section 31-3-60 to create "The Eviction Right to Counsel Program" under the South Carolina Housing Authority and to provide for the administration of the program.

H. 3845 (Reps. W. Newton, Rutherford, Bannister, Pope, G. M. Smith, Wheeler, B. Newton, Thayer, Jordan, Wooten, Thigpen, Henegan, Davis, Erickson, T. Moore, Bradley, Hyde, Bernstein, Yow, Brittain, Elliott and A. M. Morgan) — Amends Section 56-1-286, relating to the suspension of licenses or permits or denial of issuance of licenses or permits to persons under the age of 21 who drive motor vehicles and have a certain amount of alcohol concentration, to allow persons under the age of 21 who are serving suspensions or denials of licenses or permits to enroll in the ignition interlock device program.

H. 3846 (Rep. Long) — Adds Section 6-11-115 to permit a special purpose district providing water service within a county of this state that borders an adjoining state to, by a majority vote of its commissioners, become a member of and participate in a joint agency or authority organized under the laws of the adjoining state.

H. 3865 (Reps. Hiott, Collins, Rutherford and Carter) — Amends Section 17-5-130, relating to coroner qualifications, to include licensed paramedics with at least three years of experience as one of the additional qualifications a coroner must have.

H. 3866 (Rep. Rutherford) — Adds Section 1-7-95 to clarify that, when the attorney general proceeds in the public interest, the attorney general does not undertake representation of state agencies and cannot be considered to have possession, custody, or control over state agency documents or electronically stored information.

H. 3867 (Reps. Kirby and Alexander) — Adds Section 20-4-35 to allow magistrates to issue ex parte orders of protection in certain circumstances.

H. 3869 (Reps. Kirby and Alexander) — Amends Section 6-4-10, relating to the expenditure of the local accommodations tax, to include affordable housing for hospitality workers as a tourism-related expenditure.