House Bills - February 10, 2023

H. 3878 (Reps. Tedder, T. Moore and S. Jones) — Adds Section 44-53-125 to require SLED to provide drug analysis results within a certain period of time after a sample is submitted by a law enforcement agency.

H. 3879 (Reps. Chumley, Long, T.A. Morgan, A.M. Morgan, Vaughan, McCabe, May, S. Jones, Haddon and Bustos) — Adds Article 2 to Chapter 1, Title 1 to provide that the time known as Eastern Standard Time is advanced by one hour beginning at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday of March of 2024, and beginning on this date and time and thereafter permanently becomes standard time in South Carolina with no further adjustments under state or federal law.

H. 3884 (Reps. Haddon, Burns, Chumley, Long, Ligon, Vaughan, Magnuson, Trantham, Nutt and Hixon) — Enacts the "The Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act of 2023.”

H. 3885 (Reps. Ligon, Guffey, Felder, T. Moore, O'Neal, Harris, Hyde, Neese, Nutt, Sessions, Hiott and B. Newton) — Adds Section 10-1-164 to provide that any United States flag flown at a public building, or on public grounds, or purchased using public funds must be made and manufactured in the United States.

H. 3887 (Rep. Ott) — Adds Section 17-1-57 to grant magistrates the authority to hear and consider motions to reconsider bond until such time as a grand jury indictment has been issued, or unless the circuit court has already ruled on the motion or scheduled a hearing on the motion.

H. 3888  (Rep. Ott) — Amends Section 22-8-40, relating to salaries of magistrates, to increase the base salaries for magistrates.

H. 3891 (Reps. Reps. Guffey, Beach, T. Moore, Sessions, Bauer, King, Guest, Leber, Mitchell, Pedalino and B.L. Cox) — Amends Section 44-34-110, relating to the prohibition of licensing tattoo facilities within a certain proximity to churches, schools, or playgrounds, to allow issuance of a license with the express approval of any such church, school, or playground.

H. 3903 (Reps. Kirby and Gatch) – Establishes the Heirs’ Property Commission.

H. 3906 (Reps. McCabe, Cobb-Hunter, W. Newton and Henegan) – For purposes of probate actions, increases the limit of a small estate.

H. 3910  (Reps. J. E. Johnson, Crawford, Bailey, Brittain, McGinnis, Hardee, Schuessler and Guest) – Requires all health insurance plans offered by induvial and group health insurers, health maintenance organizations, and the State Health Plan to cap an insured’s monthly cost-sharing obligation for covered prescription insulin drugs.

H. 3927 (Rep. Ligon) – Amends Section 12-37-250, relating to the homestead property tax exemption, so as to increase the exemption amount from the first $50,000 to the first $75,000 of the fair market value of the homestead.

H. 3928 (Reps. Lowe, Williams, Alexander, Jordan and Kirby) – Enacts the “Sara Weaver Act” which would add emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who died in the line of duty to the list of personnel for whom the Governor shall order all flags to be flown at half-mast. The bill would also provide that EMTs and their qualified spouses and children are eligible for certain preretirement benefits.

H. 3930 (Reps. Leber, Stavrinakis, Robbins, W. Newton, Rivers, Wetmore, Brittain, Hewitt, Guest, M. M. Smith, J. Moore, Schuessler, Hager, Murphy, Brewer, Gatch, Bustos, Gagnon, J. E. Johnson and Tedder) – Places the Beach Restoration and Improvement Trust Fund under the authority of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism and renames the Fund. Requires the General Assembly to appropriate a certain amount to the fund annually and to provide funding for annual monitoring and evaluation of erosion rates and beach profiles. The Fund would, among other things, provide matching funds to qualifying local governments for public beach restoration, maintenance, improvement, and enhancement of public beach access.

H. 3932 (Reps. Harris, Magnuson, May, O’Neal, Lawson, Nutt, Beach, Cromer, A. M. Morgan, T. A. Morgan, Kilmartin, Pace, Trantham and T. Moore) – This bill would enact the “Government Transparency Act.” Section 4 of the bill would require political subdivisions to post certain information on their websites.

H. 3933 (Reps. M. M. Smith, Davis, West, Bradley, Sessions, Guffey, Wooten, Long, Chumley, Burns, Felder, Hewitt, Hardee, Cobb-Hunter, Haddon, Bustos, S. Jones, Oremus, McGinnis, Bailey, Kirby, McCabe, A. M. Morgan, T. A. Morgan, Schuessler, Trantham, Carter, B. L. Cox, Crawford, Forrest, Gagnon, Harris, Herbkersman, Hiott, Landing, Leber, Ligon, Magnuson, O'Neal, Pace, Sandifer, Taylor, Thayer and Williams) – This bill would amend sections in Title 15, relating to the South Carolina Contribution Among Tortfeasors Act, so as to include persons or entities for the purpose of allocation of fault.

H. 3937 (Rep. Blackwell) – This bill would enact the “South Carolina Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy and Resilience Act,” whose purpose is to authorize the establishment of commercial property assessed clean energy and resiliency (C-PACE) programs that local governments may voluntarily implement. They would ensure that owners of agricultural, commercial, industrial, and multifamily residential properties can obtain low cost, long-term financing for qualifying improvements by freely and willingly agreeing to have an assessment levied on their properties.

H. 3938 (Reps. Pendarvis, Anderson and Hosey) – This bill would enact the “South Carolina Agribusiness, Rural, and Opportunity Zone Jobs Act.”