ARPA Reporting Deadlines

Please see below for county compliance and reporting requirements and deadlines for the Treasury ARP Fiscal Recovery Fund. Treasury also released a user guide for the ARP reporting portal, which includes step-by-step guidance for submitting the required Recovery Fund reports using Treasury’s portal. 

  • Interim Report: Due by August 31, 2021, the Interim Report requires all counties to report programmatic data for spending between March 3 and July 31, 2021 (ONE TIME REPORT).
    • A county must submit an Interim Report even if it hasn’t obligated or spent any Recovery Funds. The county should submit a report showing no ($0) obligations or expenditures have yet been incurred.
    • If the county received Recovery Funds AFTER July 15, 2021, the county must submit an Interim Report within 60-days of receiving funding.
  • Project and Expenditure Report: These reports are also required for all counties (with two tiers, see below) and require project and expenditure data for awards and sub-awards, demographic information for each project, and other programmatic data
    • Initial Project and Expenditure Report is due October 31, 2021:
      • For counties with awards above $5 million, project and expenditure reports are due quarterly.
      • For counties with awards under $5 million, project and expenditure reports are due annually.
  • Recovery Plan Performance Report: Only required for counties with populations over 250,000 residents. The template for the Recovery Plan Performance Report (I.e. strategic plan) can be found online.
    • Required to be published annually on the county website and provided to U.S. Treasury
    • Contain detailed project performance data, including information on efforts to improve equity and engage communities
    • Recovery Plan Performance Report is due August 31, 2021, followed by annual submission

Download the new User Guide for recipient reporting.

Additional information on recipient compliance and reporting guidance from the U.S. Department of Treasury is available.