Risk Management Services

SCAC Risk Management Services


Because member contributions (premiums) are based upon both the accident histories of the individual counties (experience modifiers) and on the membership as a whole, both Trusts employ very aggressive risk management strategies. The philosophy adopted by the Trusts is that it is cheaper to prevent accidents than pay claims. Accordingly, the Trusts' risk management staff conducts seminars, safety audits and other activities designed to reduce the probability of accidents and liability exposure for members. The benefits are lower premiums and a safer working environment.

Risk Management Services

Management Consultation and Mentoring — the risk management staff serves as a training and consulting resource for members. Risk managers work with members to develop the effective elements of successful risk management programs.

Hazard Identification Surveys — risk managers conduct surveys of members' property, work sites and general operations to identify hazards that could lead to accidents, property damage or liability exposures. Written recommendations are made to reduce identified hazards and exposures.

Detention Center Staffing Study — Risk managers review blueprints and management philosophy with the facility administrator to help identify posts and positions. They also formulate the number of detention personnel - taking into consideration training, sick leave, vacation and other factors needed to operate a new or modified facility in the most secure and efficient manner possible. The risk managers submit a report to document the identified positions and services that will be performed at each post. They also work with the facility administrator and county chief administrative officer to present the findings to county council.

Regional Training Seminars — Throughout the year, free regional training seminars on law enforcement and detention center topics are conducted. The seminars focus on areas identified by sheriffs and detention center administrators. The lesson plans for these seminars are submitted to the S.C. Department of Public Safety, Criminal Justice Academy Division, for Continuing Law Enforcement Education credit.

Defensive Driving Course — a four-hour, National Safety Council course designed for operators of non-emergency or maintenance vehicles. Training certificates are issued, and many insurers will redeem them for discounts on personal auto insurance.

Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) Police — a four-hour, National Safety Council course designed for sheriff's deputies. The course covers backing, running with lights and sirens, pulling offenders and legal rulings of accidents involving law enforcement vehicles. This course has been accredited by the S.C. Department of Public Safety, Criminal Justice Academy Division, for four hours of Continuing Law Enforcement Education credit.

Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) EMS — a four-hour, National Safety Council course designed for EMS.

Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) Fire — a four-hour, National Safety Council course designed for the fire service.

Coaching the Maintenance Vehicle Operator — a four-hour, National Safety Council course designed for public works employees.

Risk Management Principles (RMP) — The RMP class is a one and a half day class that is designed for employees who will be active in the risk management program. The class will equip employees with the knowledge they need to apply risk management concepts within their departments and make significant contributions to the county risk management program. Please email Van Henson or call (800) 922-6081x322 if you would like us to host a class in your county.

Training Programs Provided by the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, OSHA’s Office Outreach & Education — Contact the training division at (803) 896-7665 or submit training request at www.scosha.llronline.com to request free training in your county. More than 40 training topics are available including Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, Confined Space Entry Hazards, Lockout/Tagout, Electrical Safety Work Practices, Personal Protective Equipment, Office Safety, OSHA Record-keeping and Violence in the Workplace. It is recommended that training be scheduled 30 days in advance.

In addition to the training programs above, SCAC's risk managers can design custom training programs to fit members' unique needs in safety, health and law enforcement. For more information, contact Van Henson or call 1-800-922-6081x322.

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SCAC offers a listserv forum for county risk managers. The listserv provides a means of discussing risk management issues and sharing questions/comments, ideas, solutions and announcements of interest.

Email Van Henson at vhenson@scac.sc with your contact information to join.

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