Next Generation SC.GOV: A Customized Experience for South Carolina Citizens

A new way of doing business with South Carolina government is dawning. Residents expect quick and easy transactions at their fingertips at any time of day or night. The new, next generation of SC.GOV is designed to connect citizens to needed South Carolina government entities.

Next Generation SC.GOV The new website will provide services and information more swiftly and conveniently than ever before. With a better mobile experience, personalized calendars, notifications and a guided search feature, the new SC.GOV will allow residents to access agency services when and where they need them. They can even complete transactions more efficiently by creating a secure SC.GOV account to access payment information, store digital documents and more.

With more people using technology to complete everyday tasks — like ordering groceries, buying coffee or getting dinner delivered to their door — government tasks need to meet residents where they are. Accessible services through Next Generation SC.GOV will be critical for providing timely service to the people who need it when they need it most. It is also imperative for agencies to create two-way communication with their constituents. Using the platform, counties can get timely payments for services from constituents while also being able to reliably and quickly communicate out notifications.

New technology can feel like a highly involved and technical transition, but once implemented, any agency can manage their services on a platform without technical expertise. It is a self-service style maintenance structure where administrators can add forms, change fields, improve workflows, send communications or make updates as they are needed. It also reflects updates seamlessly for the website interface.

In addition to county government, the website also helps connect residents to state agency services. Expected to launch in 2024, as more government agencies get started on Next Generation SC.GOV, it will become an expectation for all South Carolinians.

How can your county get started? The first step in making Next Generation SC.GOV a success is to get state agencies, municipalities and counties onboarded. The South Carolina Department of Administration (Admin) is ready to help get your services set up so your customers can begin realizing all the conveniences that come with the new and improved government experience.

You can learn more by viewing the brochure or visiting the Next Generation SC.GOV information page.

Have questions about Next Generation SC.GOV? Contact Admin’s Digital Government Services team at for answers or to schedule a meeting to learn more.