The Association provides a number of services to its member counties. These include:

Conferences and meetings – such as the Mid-Year Conference, Annual Conference and Legislative Conference;

Education and training – to include the Institute of Government for County Officials, the Local Government Attorneys' Institute, training for planning and zoning officials, risk management training, and teleconference training for county employees;

Legal assistance – providing legal support to county governments and publishing the Home Rule Handbook, Case Law Affecting Counties, Public Information Handbook and Revenue Resources Handbook;

Legislative information – monitoring of legislation affecting counties and weekly updates on legislative activity through the Friday Reports, Technical Bulletins and Legislative Alerts;

Property and liability coverage – insurance through the S.C. Counties Property & Liability Trust, a self-funded pool;

Public information – to include the Directory of County Officials, Carolina Counties newsletter and County Focus magazine;

Research and technical assistance – conducting surveys, providing technical assistance and regular publications such as the Handbook for County Government, County Profiles, Wage and Salary Report and Tax Rates Study;

SCAC-Endorsed programs – such as revenue enhancement audit programs, office supply and other U.S. Communities purchasing discounts, GovDeals, and GASB 45 actuarial studies;

Setoff debt program – matches debts owed to counties with debtors' state income tax refunds; and

Workers' compensation coverage – insurance through the S.C. Counties Workers' Compensation Trust, a self-funded pool.