SCAC-Endorsed Programs

SCAC-endorsed programs provide unique services that are tailored to meet the needs of county government.

Participation in programs is optional, and each county must register/sign a service agreement with the designated provider in order to take advantage of their services.

Revenue Enhancement Services

SCAC has entered into an agreement with Charlotte, NC based Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA), to assistance counties with revenue enhancement initiatives. TMA is the national leader in assisting local governments with Business Personal Property, Legal Residence exemption, and Hospitality and Local Accommodation tax audits. Working with more than 450 local government entities in 16 states, TMA has helped find more than $33 billion in additional taxable value—translating to more than $500 million in additional tax revenue.

TMA revenue enhancement services to South Carolina Counties include:

  • Business Personal Property Tax auditing
  • Discovery of Non-Reporting Businesses
  • Audit/Review of Legal Residence Exemption claims
  • Hospitality and Local Accommodations tax audits

For more information contact:

Chip Cooke, Vice-President Sales & Marketing
Tax Management Associates
Charlotte, NC

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GASB 45/OPEB Program — Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company

SCAC continues to assist counties in dealing with a new requirement to account for funds committed to other (than pension) post employment benefits (OPEB) for their employees.

In 2004, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) published a new standard that requires both state and local governments to compute and to publish their amount of OPEB liability as it is "earned" by employees. Although the only requirement is to retain an actuary to compute the liability and include it in audited financial statements, it is anticipated that many state and local governments will begin to set aside funds for this purpose. Failure to pre-fund OPEB requirements could eventually degrade a government's bond ratings.

SCAC has entered into an agreement with Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company, a nationally-recognized actuarial firm experienced with GASB 45/OPEB requirements, to assist counties in determining their OPEB liabilities. Additionally, SCAC unveiled a new trust agreement in June, 2008, which will allow counties to pool their OPEB funds and invest them in instruments yielding the highest rate of return—in the same manner as state agencies.

For more information, contact:

John DeLoache
SCAC Staff Attorney
1-800-922-6081 x324

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Internet Auction of Surplus Equipment — GovDeals

SCAC participates in a program for the internet auction of surplus equipment through GovDeals provides a platform for county and local governments to sell surplus equipment/assets and confiscated assets via online auction.

Since the program's inception in early 2004, assets generating $25 million have been sold by South Carolina counties through GovDeals. The primary benefit provided by GovDeals is increased revenue from surplus equipment and assets—most clients claim 20-50 percent more revenue from assets and equipment than they had ever received via local public auction. Added benefits are reduced asset depreciation and reduced costs for storage and transportation, because GovDeals allows governments to sell equipment and assets immediately without providing long-term storage in anticipation of a local auction.

Questions? Contact:

Rebecca Murphy
Sales Representative, Mid-Atlantic Region
2034 Sharon Lane
Charlotte, NC 28211
(980) 254-8908

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NACo Prescription Discount Cards

The National Association of Counties (NACo) Prescription Discount Program offers significant savings for uninsured and underinsured county residents. The program is available without charge to NACo member counties and their residents.

NACo Prescription Discount Cards are accepted by more than 57,000 pharmacies nationwide and provide savings from 13-35 percent for purchases at a local pharmacy and up to 50 percent for mail order purchases. Citizens do not have to complete enrollment forms, and counties are not required to maintain a database of card distribution. The cards can be distributed with a brochure and used immediately by those who need them.

RFP via the City of Seattle — Flooring Products, Accessories, Installation and Related Services

U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance

South Carolina Association of Counties is proud to sponsor the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. U.S. Communities is the leading national government purchasing cooperative that reduces the cost of goods and services by aggregating the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide. U.S. Communities provides participants with access to a broad line of competitively solicited contracts with national suppliers that have committed to providing their best overall public agency pricing.

For more information, visit

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Food Service Contract with Premier Inc.

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Questions? Contact:

Rob Lyon, CPPB
SCAC Procurement Officer
1-800-922-6081, ext. 342