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Title/Presenter Materials Format Offered
County Employment Law: Top 10 Questions Handout Stream 2017
Cybersecurity Strategies for County Government Presentation Slides
NASCIO PTI Tech Forecast 2018
SLTT Outlook 2018
Stream 2018
Ethics Act - New Income Disclosure Requirements Agenda
Stream 2017
Freedom of Information Act - New Rules Handout Stream 2017
GASB Statement No. 77 Handout Stream 2016
Introduction to the SCAC Member Portal


One-and-a-half minute video outlining how to login after a password reset request has been sent: https://www.screencast.com/t/gvOcBpDNm

Two-minute video outlining how to access Professional Development information inside the Member Portal: http://www.screencast.com/t/9uOS7AQ2Viw.

Stream 2016
Legal & Ethical Considerations for Managing Public Meetings Handout Stream 2018
SCAC Awards: What Sets Winners Apart? Presentation Slides Handout
2019 Awards Brochure
Evaluation Scale for Judges
Rules Requirements and Instructions
Stream 2019