Technical Bulletin Addendum: Meeting Notice and Agenda Requirements

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 4:37:00 PM Categories: Meeting Notice/Agenda

2015 Act No. 70 (R. 99, S. 11)

This Technical Bulletin Addendum is to provide additional information not included in the Technical Bulletin dated June 16, 2015, which outlines requirements for posting and amending agendas in Act No. 70 of 2015. Please distribute this to other departments in your county.

Section 1 of the Act provides that an agenda for regularly scheduled or special meetings must be posted on a bulletin board in a publicly accessible place at the office or meeting place of the public body, and on a public website maintained by the body, if any, at least twenty-four hours prior to such meeting. Based on this language, it appears that a  public body that has a website is required to post the meeting agendas on their website in addition to posting them as they have traditionally  done at their meeting place at least twenty-four hours prior to a meeting. It is unclear whether a meeting has to be rescheduled if the a public body cannot post an agenda electronically twenty-four hours prior to a meeting because the website is down, but they have physically posted the agenda at their meeting place at least twenty-four hours prior to the meeting. SCAC will attempt to have the Act amended in January to clarify this issue.

This Technical Bulletin Addendum does not constitute legal advice. It is intended for general information on this topic. Please consult your county attorney for specific issues affecting your county.


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