SCAC 2019 Scholarship Programs

Applications Must be Submitted or Postmarked No Later Than February 1, 2019.

Each year, SCAC's Presidential Scholarship Program awards one $2,500 scholarship to a graduating high school senior who is a resident of the same county as our SCAC President. Since McCormick County Council Chairman Charles T. Jennings is the current SCAC President, our 2019 Presidential Scholarship will be awarded to a McCormick County resident.

This year, SCAC's Board of Directors Scholarship Program will also award $2,500 scholarships to four graduating high school seniors who are residents of counties chosen by lot by the Association. Chesterfield, Fairfield, Georgetown, and Orangeburg counties were selected in the 2019 draw, and a Board of Directors Scholarship will be awarded to a resident of each county.

SCAC scholarship applications may be submitted online or sent via US Mail. Please send mail to: SCAC Scholarship Programs, PO Box 8207, Columbia, SC 29202-8207.

Applying Online

If you apply online, the application must be completed in one session; you will not be able to save and reopen it.

You must use the most recent version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat to apply using the fillable PDF. Other PDF viewers do not support all of the forms' features. If your computer doesn't have Adobe Reader, you can download it free of charge via

This application checklist will help you prepare some of the required information in advance. You may also preview the application using the links below.

When you have prepared the items in the checklist, schedule time to complete your application and click the appropriate link to begin. Each successful submission will be confirmed by an email message. Please save this confirmation message for your records. All awards will be announced in May.

Questions? Contact: Jennifer Haworth 1-800-922-6081.


Apply Online

Presidential Scholarship (Residents of McCormick County)

Board of Directors Scholarships (Residents of Chesterfield, Fairfield, Georgetown, and Orangeburg counties)

Principal/Guidance Counselor Statement to be completed by school faculty

Fillable Application Forms (if the application will be sent via US Mail)

Presidential Scholarship Application

Board of Directors Scholarship Application

Principal/Guidance Counselor Statement